Monday, August 10


We decided on a stroller...finally. I did a lot of online research, checked out a Target store or two and held some test drives in the store. And after all that we decided on the Quinny Buzz 3.

On a side note I was able to test drive the Quinny at a very cool baby store here in Nashville called PoPo. I've since purchased a couple of things in there because every time I walk in I find something else.

Anywho, the Quinny has several of the things I wanted. First it holds both baby car seat and then transitions into a regular stroller. It's quick to fold down and it folds up automatically. It's not very bulky and can go off road. It also has a bag for when traveling.

After I test drove it I decided to have the hubby look at it and he loved the hydrolics and the great steering. Sounds like something besides a stroller, right.

Well we ordered it and we love it.

Check out this video which gives a run down of the stroller.

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The Rauths said...

congrats! you'll love that stroller...a good friend has it and loves it!

thanks for stopping by my blog. i love the planner because it has the month laid out on the left with room to write activities in each square, then on the right it has week sheets for your to do list. does that make sense? i'll have to photograph tonight and post. that'll help.