Sunday, October 4

Chicago-Day One

I was so sad last week to hear that Chicago wasn't granted the 2016 Olympics games. Having just visited there I absolutely loved the city and was hoping it would be chosen. I think it would have been such a great venue.

Well it wasn't in the cards for these game and it was a good try, hopefully soon we'll be able to host another Olympic game.

With all the Chicago talk I figured I need to recap our recent trip before I forget it all, I do suffer from pregnancy brain.

So here we go....We flew up to Chicago on Labor Day weekend. We decided on an early Saturday flight. Once we arrived we commuted into the city on the train. How I love mass transit. Reminds me of home.

Once we got to our hotel we pit stopped it at a local Chipotle for lunch, I am eating for two you know, and then out we went to explore.

First up was Millennium Park part of the larger Grant Park, home of Cloud Gate or better known as "the bean".

It's a huge tourist attraction and like the other hundred tourists I was fascinated. I think a bit of the fascination was the similarity that I think it shares with Tiffany & Co's Bean necklace.

Anyone else see the resemblance? Either way I was hooked. Here I am waving away.

Can you spot the hubby behind me taking the pic. We're such tourists. After staring at a large shining object for far too long we decided to venture past it to other parts of the park.

Millenium park features the wonderful Jay Prirzker Pavilion. Its an amazing band shell located in the park that holds concerts for Chicago residents. I'm so envy of Chicago residents.

We then trekked it over to see the Buckingham Fountain. I was excited to finally see the Married with Children fountain. Love and and marriage...

I must admit it was far larger of a fountain than I had imagined and was so relieved that I finally go to see it in person. Directly next to the fountain was Chicago's free Jazz Festival going on that weekend. We made our way through the crowds and wine stands and took a seat to enjoy the music.

My feet were excited for the rest and overall it was great. Even though they had an Australian Wine tent among all the wine tents, which I had to walk past. I have a slight fascination with Australian wines so it took all I had. Thinking back I probably should have just sat next to the tent and smelled the wine fumes.

After taking in some Jazz we were off to the hotel to catch some college football and get ready for dinner.

That night we dined at Tavern at the Park. We were able to get a booth table and it was great to finally be alone in such a big city and soak it all in.

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