Monday, October 12

Chicago-Day Three

Day Three was a jam packed day for us. We decided not to plan too much while on our trip. Trying to take advantage while we can of being somewhat spontaneous.

We started the day by making the trip out to the Oak Park neighborhood of Chicago to visit famous architect Frank Llyod Wright's home and studio. FLW is famous for being a progressive architect and for well known works such as the Guggenheim.

I know him well because my older sister absolutely loves him. She has always been fascinated in his works and so I knew I had to make the trip to Oak Park.

Here is the front of his home built in 1889. It's incredible that over a hundred years later this house remains in very good condition and most of all pretty darn hip.

Unfortunately pictures of the inside are not allowed during the house and studio tour. It's an incredible house and if you have the time I would make the visit. It's amazing to see such work and to think it was done so very long ago.

This is FLW's studio entrance.

I tried to get the hubby to consider a third house for us. Don't I look like I belong? He wasn't biting.

The neighborhood in which the house and studio resides also features some of FLW works. After the tour we explored the area. It was pretty incredible to see all his works next to homes built around the same time which plainly show his progressive thinking.

We then headed back into the city and to the Sears Tower. Sadly it is now named the Willis Tower but to me it'll always be the Sears Tower.

It took us about 30 minutes to get up to the top and when we did it was packed with tourist. Gotta love it. It was incredible to see all of Chicago. As a New Yorker by birth I find it a bit of a let down. NY has so many more skyscrapers so when you are up at the Empire State building you feel among the clouds. With the Sears Tower it's hard to gain prospective because the Tower itself is not surrounding by many building at the same altitude.

However I do think it was worth it. That is until you see the line to go down. That is correct a line to go DOWN. The hubby was still in great spirits.

After we made it back down we headed to Giordano's for a late lunch. Giordano's is a Chicago chain restaurant featuring Chicago's famous deep dish pizza. It was incredible. I'm sure there are better options in Chicago but after a long day of tourism and a 60 second ride up and down a skyscraper it was so very good.

After our lunch we headed over to Michigan Ave to catch our sightseeing river cruise. By recommendation of some friends we decided on Chicago's Architecture Foundation River Cruise.

We're so glad we took their advice because it was a great tour. Chicago has a ton of great architecture and they literally describe all of it as you cruise down the river.

At the tail end of the tour you head over to Navy pier. We took the last tour that day which allowed for us to see the sunset. It was a picture perfect day and a great way to wind down the day.

Once we were back on land we headed out to explore Michigan Ave's Magnificent Mile at night. We didn't go far when we ran in to Oprah's Season Kick Off party being set up. I love love Oprah and was sad to learn she would be there the next day and we wouldn't be able to see her because of our scheduled trip home.

I absorbed all I could.

Since we had a pretty heavy lunch we decided to pit stop it at Eno on the way home for some treats. It's a restaurant located on the street level of the Intercontinental Hotel which features wine, cheese and chocolate. Need I say more.

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