Wednesday, October 7

Chicago-Day Two

Our second day started with a trip to a restaurant/diner called Yolk. It's located on the opposite side of Grant Park and we figured it would be a great place to start in order to enjoy the other side of the park.

Let me begin by saying Yolk is pretty well known, therefore it's a long wait. We waited approximately 45 minutes. However I thought it was well worth it. The hubby had a frittata that was to die for. I'm not sure what I was thinking but I got a BLT. It was great however looking over to the hubby's dish I should have order as he did.

After a delicious breakfast we began our walk into Grant Park. These half bodies were located directly across from Yolk. Never could figure out what was going on with these, gotta love art.

We then made our way to the Field Museum.

A Pirate Exhibit you say? Arrr. Arrr we couldn't take part in the special exhibit because by the time we got there they had time entrances and we would have had to kill about 2 hours before we could go in.

Instead we enjoyed some of their other exhibits and also took some pics with Sue. Sue is the largest most complete T. Rex ever found. Pretty neat stuff.

One of my favorite things about tourist sites is the gift shops attached. Here I am enjoying some Pirate themed set up. I think it does wonders for my pregnancy figure. : )

Once we headed out of the museum we headed over to the lake front. Did I mention how incredible the weather was while we were out there. It was in the 70's all weekend. A relief from the heat & humidity back home.

After the museum visit the hubby said I could fit in some shopping. Can't ever pass that up. I decided to cash all my chips in and head north to check out the Land of Nod store, Crate and Barrel and the Container Store.

Currently we don't have any of these stores in Nashville so I had to soak it all in for as long as I could. Unfortunately we flew American so increasing luggage on our return flight was not what hubby wanted to do.

As previously mentioned I picked up some items at the Land of Nod store. The store had so many great things. Fell in love with some items but ultimately only bought what was manageable to carry back.

I plan on putting this next to our glider, making for book reading to be easier once she gets a bit older.

Sophie the giraffe had been on back order online and when I saw it in the store I figured she could squeeze into my carry on and make the trip. She's so cute. To the point I may not want to have her use it and just keep her for decor.

This bedding set was so cute in person. I contemplated buying it to have something to change out our current bedding with and the colors match our current color scheme. Down side of it was that it was way too bulky to take with us. I'll be keeping an eye out for this one. One free shipping coupon and it may be mine.

At first I didn't like this peg but now more and more I wish I had picked it up. I think it would go great next to the changing table for me to lay out her clothes. Pending free shipping charges coupon as well.

After drooling at the Land of Nod we spent some time at the Container Store. How people don't spend their whole pay check or life in there I don't know. It is WONDERFUL. So many items available for organization. Just thinking about it makes me happy.

They even had my favorite Flip and Tumble bags. I had to get one.

After shopping we went back to the hotel to regroup and then headed to Volare for dinner. Dinner was so delicious...really it was...however the restaurant was overwhelming loud. They pack as many people as possible in the place. I would highly recommend it if you go for an early dinner or late dinner. I can't tell you how many times we were bumped by people trying to get by. Granted most of the time I was focused on my dinner but there were times when I couldn't even hear the hubby talk and he was across the table from me.

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