Friday, October 2


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People often ask me if I crave anything now that I'm pregnant. To be honest I really don't. I know it's lame. Well I should say I don't crave anything that is feasible. What?

Well I crave things I've eaten only once or twice in my life or perhaps in say another country....

First up....Several years ago a friend of my mother hosted us at her home for brunch one day. My mom's friend is originally from Spain and offered us an Orange & Onion salad. I kid you not....Sounds horrible but it was so delicious. Had it only once but I think about it often. I found this recipe for a similar salad which I guess I should try, however I don't want to ruin the idea of the original salad if it doesn't turn our well... Go figure....Hey! I never said I was normal.

Another craving..... Enchildas Verdes from a restaurant in Cuernavaca, Mexico. I studied abroad during my undergrad and remember eating at a local place in downtown Cuernavaca that has the BEST Enchiladas Verdes. It was fabulous especially with a Corona... There are tons of recipes out there but again....too scared.

During a visit to Pittsburgh last year the hubby and I had a great dinner at a restaurant called Casbah. Well they had the most wonderful dark chocolate raspberry bread pudding. Yummy. It was tart yet sweet and it had chocolate...Haven't found a recipe quite yet.

Not bad right? No worries I also crave Bratwurst with Brotchen (German bread rolls) from when I grew up in Germany....and sit down, worst of all...Subway. I know. I could kill for a Cold Cut Combo and I hate Subway. Well hate is a strong wrong. I really dislike Subway....BTW for you nonpreggers, cold cuts are off limits. Figures.

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