Friday, November 6

It happened

No not the baby....Although these days have been getting quite uncomfortable and I may have wished on occasion for the weeks to fly so that I can be done already...but enough on that.

What happened was that for the first time in my life I ate off a trailer in the middle of the street. An established business of coarse but completely mobile buisiness.

The hubby's birthday was last week so as a gift I got him ticket to the Avett Brother's concert on Halloween night. Don't worry if you don't recognize the band because I didn't know them at all.

Here is their info and a clip from the show we attended. I was truly surprised at how much I enjoyed the show, didn't think I would. After the show we headed to a local bar which had a pub crawl event that evening. Well that's when it happened.

Parked outside the bar was the the infamous Mas Tacos Por Favor trailer that serves tacos at odd hours of the night to Nashvillians. They post tweets on Twitter as to their pending changing locations and then offer their goodness to all, mostly after 10pm.

Well around midnight halloween night my determination to not flock to the trailer gave way and I ordered a fried avocado and a charred chicken taco. They were DELICIOUS. I still can't believe I purchased something off a moving trailer but it was soo worth it.

If ever about in the middle of the night in Nashville on the weekend check them out.

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