Tuesday, November 3

Light the way

I've been reading a lot of mommy-to-be and mommy blogs lately. Check them out to the left....And I'm so appreciative of all those who blog about some of their favorite mommy items. When I read this one in particular I found some items that I decided to get or register for.

The Oxo Candela Tooli is a different version of the Candela light she recommends. The nursery is definitely a toned down shade from many nurseries so I figured a punch of color is necessary.

I've tested these out and they seem to light the room enough for me to walk around. The hubby wishes it was brighter but I figure if we need more light we can just switch on a lamp. They are way too cute and once the baby arrives pretty safe as they don't have any cords hanging or get very hot to the touch.

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