Saturday, November 28

Sewing...really??? Real

Remember this post??? Well I went to a sewing class and loved it. Granted it was only one class but I left inspired.

Luckily or unluckily for my niece her birthday was right around the corner. Well I decided to try to make her a apron. The pattern was simple and figured it was a great place to start.

Well here was my result:

I changed it a bit from the pattern by adding some ruffles but for the most part it was straight from the pattern. I loved the end result.

Well I ran across this Reversible Crayon Apron Pattern on my favorite website, I thought it perfect for my niece for the holidays. So again I attempted another apron.

First...fabrics need to be chosen.

I found both this red, black and teal blue combo.

Then I found this pink, teal blue and green combo.... Eek I loved them both.

Ultimately I decided on the second choice as I think it fits more of a 3 year old's personality, plus she's a huge fan of Disneys Princess so I figured it would go well with its crayons.

Two days later this is the final result:

The Crayon holder side-

The reversible back side: I love it. I just hope she does.


christi said...

cute? ADORABLE! nice work! i am going to have to buy that pattern ... it is perfect. i posted a reversible apron tutorial on my blog about a week or so ago ... it's a quickie and perfect hostess gift!

A Baby Peach said...

That is super cute!!!!