Tuesday, December 29


Here is our little girl's nursery.

As you walk in you'll see the crib on your right and changing table directly in front of you. To the left is the glider.

Her crib to the right:

Close up of her mobile that was inspired by Becoming Home post:

Closeup of far back wall which displays other nursery craft project :

On the other side of room is where we placed the reupholstered glider, the book rack & ikea shelf:

I'm still missing a glider's pillow. I can't think of an interesting pattern to follow quite yet. Perhaps after the baby is born I might make one with her initial.

Hope you enjoy...can't wait till she gets here.


A Baby Peach said...

Oh my gosh, i LOVE it! Seriously...one of the best nurseries I've seen!

Katie Bug said...

Beautiful job! You will love spending time in this nursery with your baby girl.

Sarah said...

So pretty and whimsical! Love the soft palette...great combination of traditional and contemporary as well. I love how it doesn't scream "baby"!

Karen said...

Beautiful nursery!!!