Wednesday, February 17

I did have a life...

Before Stella I had a life...right??? I didn't say an exciting life but I vaguely remember something of one. Well looking through some of my computer folders I found below pics which I had saved to remind me of a project I wanted to complete for the house.

I loved home my prior life.

Remember my living room?? Well it looks somewhat like below. I've rearranged the furniture a bit since below was taken, however the windows are still bare.

That's where below pics come in...

I saw this post on the Lettered Cottage months ago and saved it. Ironically it was the week I found out I was expecting. Since then my to do list has grown to about 4 pages long.

My parents have been spending more time over at the house since Stella's arrival so I'm thinking I should take advantage and have my dad help me put up the rods and drop clothes...ahem...I mean curtains.

I thought about dying the bottom of them a bit darker to give them contrast but I think I'm going to hold off for a bit. I hope to get it done before I get back to work. Let's cross our fingers.

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