Saturday, February 6

Stella {1 Month}

It happened this week..... Stella turned a month old. Where did time go????

I guess it's only fitting that at a month I finally do share her birth story.

Here it goes:

My due date came and went without any word from Stella.... However before my due date arrived I ended up getting PUPPS. Hot no? I must admit that I dreaded being pregnant as I figured I would be plagued with the worst pregnancy EVER...however I lucked out. Besides dislocating a rib {during my 5th month} I must say I was pretty lucky. Well until week 37 1/2 when PUPPS appeared.

Anywho, the weekend before I was due I couldn't take the PUPPS any longer. My doc was out for the holidays so I called into the nurses line. She consulted with my doc and prescribed a steriod for me to take in order to alleviate the itching. Besides the steroid I had found a "natural" remedy named Grandpa Pine Tar Soap...usually recommended for Eczema suffers... I tried it and it gave me some relief. Granted I had to shower 3 times a day and I smelled like ....well pine but any relief was worth it. I was determined to try not to take any meds so late in my pregnancy. That was until the weekend before when I got about 2 hours of sleep without scratching and had developed scabs from scratching so hard during my sleep. Again hot no? So I had to make the call and turn to drugs.

My schedule doc visit was on due date and prayed that I was somewhat dilated further, I had been at 1 cm for 3 weeks. Well my appt came and I was at 2 cms !!! Not ideal but some progress. However progress there did not make up for the fact that my itching came to NO relief even with steroids. Did I mention PUPPS is only cured by delivering?? Well after discussing with my doctor I decided I was up for getting induced the next day as per her suggestion and my quiet prayers.

The next morning we headed to our hospital to get checked in at 7am. Bright and early! By the time I was checked in and settled it was around 9 am. My doc came by for a visit and started me on meds to induce my labor. A half hour later they broke my water. Up until this point I had not had I went from pain free to full blown contraction every 3 minutes. Sweet merciful. Again I'm not a huge drug fan so I figured I wanted to go as long as I could before I turned to an epidural. Well about half an hour later after the contractions started I begged for an epidural. Sorry ladies...I tried but I could no longer take the pain. I think saying " Oh Shoot" more than 10 times a minute was my limit.

Well the gracious Anesthesiologist brought me relief around 11am. From then on it was smooth sailing. I even for a minute { a very short minute } thought maybe baby 2 wouldn't be so bad. That's right I was given slightly too much drugs.

Around 4 pm I was checked and was told I was fully dilated and ready to push. I hadn't felt a thing. SWEET!

Well apparently feeling not a thing isn't always a good thing. When I was set up to push and attempted to I couldn't feel a thing. Therefore with all my pushing nothing was happening. I pushed for about 30 minutes when the nurse suggest they take down my Epidural in order for me to be able to push properly.

I agreed, not very happy but I wanted to get this show on the road. Well it was taken down 50% and after about 20 minutes of waiting for the effects I began to push again. Now feeling a lot more I pushed for another 30 minutes with no avail. They repositioned me and again 20 minutes later {still pushing} nothing. So they called the Anesthesiologist back to take me completely off the Epi. I dreaded it and for good reason.

Within 15 mintues of being off the Epi I felt A LOT more and sweet merciful it wasn't pretty. I quickly began pushing hoping to make it short. Nope I ended up feeling the full blown contractions for minutes on end. I began to move pass the "oh shoot' to a much vulgar terminology. : ) I began crying "I can't do it anymore"....It all went downhill. I think my breaking point was when the nurse said they would only c section me if the baby was in distress {which she was not} or after 4 hours of pushing, I think at that point I had cracked the 2 hour mark of pushing but not by much.

The nurses all began to encourage me by saying "She's almost out" and "We can see her"...I think I literally wished them all harm at one point or another. Not to mention my hubby who was by my side. The pain was unbearable. After about 20 minutes of pushing again during every contraction {2 minutes apart at this point} I started to scream "GET HER OUT". I guess I should have mentioned how graceful I was during all of this.

Well at this point the head nurse called the Anesthesiologist back in for some local pain relief. I thought I saw angels....well about the same time I felt the pain increase to where I couldn't believe and I started pushing again. The doctor arrived and gave me a local pain killer but at this point I was too far along into the pushing and Stella wasn't going to wait for Mommy to get some pain relief, no time for meds to kick in.

@ 7:51 pm on 12/30 Stella made her appearance.

@7:51:04 I had never felt such relief to finally meet her, have the pain instantly go away and to finally stop cursing. : )

And that is how it all went down....a month ago now...

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