Monday, March 15


Well my post have come few and far between and it is because of 1 thing...Milk...well Formula actually.

Two weeks ago when I went back to work I decided to quit nursing. I know...let the flaming begin. It was a personal choice and due to many reasons, one of the biggest was stress. I can handle stress fairly well but reading a lot of books and when talking to people everyone says to avoid stress at all costs when nursing.

Did I mention I was going back to work? Since the beginning I had done half formula half my milk and so I began increasing the amount of formula the weeks leading up to my return.

Well it seems the combination of all formula and her 6-8 week growth spurt did not fair well. We started with Similac Advance, given to us at the hospital. Around week 7 we switched over to Similac Soy formula. We thought perhaps it was the lactose. That worked for about 2 weeks till I went to work and Stella had her 2 month appt. The doctor said she was doing well however due to Stella's lack of bowel movements {TMI} we could try to switch to Similic Sensitive. Well we did...

And that's when it all went to crap. Within a couple of days not only did her pooping not improve but she began crying after every feeding and then all the time. Since the doctor said it would take a couple of days for her to get used to it we tried to bear the pain. Mostly on her part. After about a week I couldn't watch her go through it anymore so we switched to Enfamil Gentlease. The 3rd formula in less than a month.

Talk about stress. Needless to say that didn't work either and this past week we took her back to the doctor to be seen. It has truly been a very hard two weeks for her and us. The pangs of guilt were overwhelming various nights but I knew my reasons for switching over were justified.
The doctor gave us a sample of Similac Alimentum and since then Stella has been a different baby.

It's taken a few days but she is now back to her old self. However it comes at a very high cost, gee louie formula adds up, especially this new one. But truthfully we'd pay anything to give her comfort. Who wouldn't right? The last two days she's been smiling and napping and loving life. Or so we think.

With switching formulas I have done some online research and asked people around who have said they all have had to switch their babies over 4 or 5 times before finding the right formula. It's been a relief to hear we aren't the only ones and also a support to know we will see an end to this horrid tunnel.

Anyway, that's kept me busy and now that she seems back on track, God willing. I can go on to do other things at night. Like laundry, dishes, and cleaning. Which in turns leaves to some "me" time on the weekends.

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