Friday, April 2

Ad Hoc @ Home and Nashville

Two years ago the hubby and I went out to the San Francisco and Wine Country on vacation. While there we checked out a well talked about restaurant by famed chef Thomas Keller. Our experience there was not pleasant but the food was really good.

Well the increadible chef Thomas Keller came out with a book of receipes from Ad Hoc.

When it came out we knew we had to have it. The hubby got me the book for Christmas and just this past week Mr. Keller was in town at our local William Sonoma to do a book signing. Granted you had to buy a book at the store to have him sign it so we didn't venture out {hauling a baby to the mall on a weekend night is still too adventurous on my part} but the local paper caught up with Mr. Keller. They even took him to Nashville's Prince's Hot Chicken, a local fried chicken favorite.

I can't imagine what it must have been like. The great Thomas Keller, I'm half kicking myself for not venturing. Next time I'm venturing out.

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