Sunday, May 30

The month of May

When we were planning for the month of May the hubby and I had a couple things planned but all and all thought we were in for a slow month.

Boy were we wrong.

One of the worst things imaginable happened to our dear city of Nashville The weekend of May 1st she was hit with a natural disaster. The weekend started as most weekends do but before long Nashville was hit with historic rain which lead to devastating flood waters.

The news of what occurred here in town was not well known across America however the reality of it was very much happening.

As a 12 yr resident of Tennessee I honestly can't think of a better place to live than Nashville. Sure San Diego would be nice, perhaps Miami??? However after living through the last month of our lives I truly believe in the Volunteer State and am so proud my little girl hails from such a great city.

With God's good grace our home was not damage. However with that being said many many homes were not so lucky. Some of those included that of 5 co-workers and closer to us, our brother in law.

My brother-in-law's family was evacuated late Sunday night due to water levels rising and the notice that water was being released from a dam upstream which would impact their subdivision. Hours later their house began to flood.

Admittedly I spend many hours gawking at stuff, be it new bedding, a new chair, new lamps, new clothes, new shoes, new jewelry...but to think in hours you could lose all that stuff and truly be without it all still does not sink in.

We spent a day helping my brother in law literally dump all of his family's belonging in the front yard and tear up his once home. We weren't alone...hundreds of people were doing the same in his subdivision, in our city. Even today they still are trying to figure out how it all happened and how to move forward.

However even when things seem helpless, our city's true spirit came forward. In the 9-10 hours we spent at his home I can not being to tell you the amount of volunteers that showed up. Strangers offering food, water and help. It was truly amazing that in the darkest hour you are not alone.

Now our dear city begins the difficult task of rebuilding. I have no doubt that Nashville will rise and prevail better than ever. We may be down but we are not out.

To see more images of the Nashville Flood of 2010, click here.

To help victims of Nashville floods you can purchase the T-shirt above/onesie seen below or make a donation to Middle Tennessee American Red Cross.

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