Tuesday, June 1

The month of May continues

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After a week of historic events in our city, a week of historic events occurred in our house.

The hubby was slated for a overseas work trip for a while. The dates went back and forth and finally it was decided he would travel the week after Mother's Day. As in he had to leave the day of Mother's Day.

At first I was a bit upset but after all that is life. Then the unthinkable happened. I got news that I too had to take a overseas business trip that SAME WEEK.

Mind you pre-Stella days this would not be a problem.... Well when you have a 4 month old this quickly becomes an issue. I was already fretting the fact the hubby would be gone for a week. Now we came to the realization we both would be in two different countries neither of which our daughter would be in.

My trip took me to Colombia. The hubby's to Poland. Different times zones away and both too far for my taste to be away from Stella.
Our families graciously stepped up to our misfortune in work schedule and took turns watching our little Stella. The hubby left first and then a day later I left. You can only imagine how hard it was to leave her but I just kept reminding myself that some women do this every day, who? I don't know but I'm sure someone does. At the end of the day Stella is very much loved and would be fine. That and several drinks en route to destination made me feel better.

Needless to say it was stressful but Stella did amazingly. We counted the hours to make it back home meanwhile I think she loved being spoiled and attended to 24 hrs/day.

Two weeks after my return home I again had to go back out of town. Thankfully this time the hubby was home with Stella. Still very hard to leave her again but I had to keep trucking along.

Now we are home for good or for at least the month of June : )

Oh May ...you are one for the books.

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