Monday, July 19

I heart you too Sarah!

Sarah Richardson is my latest home designer crush. Have ya'll seen her on HGTV's Sarah's House?

I recently found this show on a random Saturday and can NOT get enough of her show. I love her decor, her houses and her outfits!!! I absolutely love her sense of style in clothing, in some shows she's pregnant and her maternity outfits are TO DIE FOR..

Below is a picture of a nursery that I had saved back in the day when I was nursery planning. Found out this is actually a picture of her little one's nursery. Figures...

Some eye candy:
To die for laundry room.

Guest bedroom:

I mean where has she been all my life???
I have bookmarked a ton of her work. Such inspiration.
BTW she also has a sidekick Tommy, whom I equally love.

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