Monday, July 26

Random Monday

  • Just realized I will be attending three bridal showers in the matter of 8 days. Thankfully the brides-to-be have registered at some of my fav places so I can venture to these stores with no regrets.
  • My brand-spanking new sandals squeak when I walk. I heart them but don't think I can make it another step.
  • My hubby has jury duty this week and he deemed it necessary to shave and dress up. I don't know how we ever coexist. If it was me, I'd sleep in and show up in jeans, a tee and a ponytail.
  • Stella is now trying to pull herself up on any object including my coffee table. My glass coffee table days are slowly coming to an end.
  • It took me 35 minutes to iron my sweater and 2 minutes with a coffee in hand to spill it on said sweater.
  • Has endless thoughts about Stella's 1st BD party.....endless and endless. It's almost 5 months away!
  • Found out my tire has a slow leak of air due to a nail being stuck in tire. To buy a/one/uno new tire will set me back $225, a non-brand tire $187. What?
  • Tire replacement cost is now borrowing from Stella's 1st year bd Fund.
  • Made the adjustment to Stella's recalled crib. Crib is now to standard, Momma's back is now in need of a Chiropracter's appt. Stat!
  • Headed to a children's consignment sale this week. Super excited & nervous since it's my first consignment sale. Wondering if they allow beer in koozies at said sale. If I'm taking a evening away from child might as well enjoy it!
  • Can't wait for this weekend...usually can't wait for any weekend but this one I really wish would get here already.

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