Tuesday, November 16

The day has come...

A Royal Wedding is in the works. I.CAN.NOT.WAIT.

I've been giddy all day, I literally {and sadly} can not wait for the Royal Wedding of Prince William & Kate.

Of coarse with all the giddyness I was thrown for a sad moment when I found out that the Prince has given Kate his mother's engagement ring. My heart hurts to think how much he must miss her....how sweet is he to include her in that way.
The stunning ring:

Already wishing I could be in London come Spring/Summer of next year.


Jennifer Fox said...

I'm so glad someone else is excited too! Jay got mad at the news for showing it all morning but I love it. Plus Kate Middleton on the news is waaaay better than seeing Sarah Palin in the morning.

Calgaroo said...

I absolutely love your photos..they are gorgeous..