Thursday, February 10

My Nook adventure

The hubby and I celebrated three years of marriage in November and as a gift to him I got him a Nook. Leather is the traditional gift for the 3rd year and so I didn't know what to get him. At the same time I was gift searching I stumbled upon the craze of e-readers.

At first I wasn't a big fan of e-readers. I'm a huge lover of books and I think part of the appeal is the actual pages of a book. However the idea of an e-reader seemed like a good one and well I was getting desperate for a gift idea.

I spent some time researching which e-reader on the market would fit the hubby the best and the winner was the Nook. Between it's expandable memory and library friendly feature...I was sold. Of coarse I got him a leather cover for his Nook, you know to fulfill the traditional anniversary gift.

When I gifted him the Nook I thought I would never actually use it. Well that all changed when I had to take a trip that required tons of time on a plane and limited packing space. The hubby kindly let me borrow it for my trip and I.AM.HOOKED.

You no longer have to fill your carry-on luggage with several books and if you want another book you can buy it and read it instantly... it's incredible. I won't lie in the beginning I missed flipping the page on occasion but before long it was a thing of the past.

Also these available covers for the Nook may have helped change my mind. A little bit of Lilly and Kate never hurt anyone.

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Emily said...

Was there any particular reason you chose the Nook? I've been thinking about getting a Kindle, but I've never actually used any of the e-readers I don't know if they're all about the same or if there are serious differences.