Saturday, February 5

New Casa

As I mentioned in my last post things are busy around here. One of the things on our to do list is house hunting. We aren't immediately buying but we have begun the search.

When we bought our current house we weren't planning on our sweet little one. Now that she is here you can't imagine the amount of stuff we have. Well if you are a parent you do.

With that being said we always knew our current house wouldn't be our forever home (you know where you grow old) so we are ok with moving on.

We aren't full blown looking because to be honest we are dreading the thought of putting our house on the market. I always hear about people buying houses but no one selling a house. There might be a reason for this.

So until we find a house we can't be without we're strolling the hoods for sale signs, checking out the paper for open houses and touring some new construction sites.

Until then we can live through Stella....check out this AMAZING play house for kids. ..

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