Monday, May 9

You can tell a person by their Apps

A couple of months ago I gifted myself an iPhone....since then I have fallen in love and double puffy heart love my iPhone.

My brother recently upgraded his iPhone and so it was only fitting that we compared apps.

He is a minimalist, I on the other hand can't have enough.

Check out my life...

Google: Need I even's Google...I use it everyday...what??? "How long are those dreaded cicadas in town for???" Google it.
Twitter: to tweet.
Facebook: I often wonder if Facebook is the beginning of the end for our society. Until I find that answer I can catch up on whatever other people are doing. without.saying.a.word
Nook: Not only am I a die hard Nook fan but this little app saved me when I "forgot" my hubby's Nook at the airport. No worries a kind person turned in the Nook and I used this app on my whole trip.

NPR News: I'm an NPR fan...from listening in my car to in my office. They have some great interviews.
AP Mobile: Who else but AP would text me when Will and Kate kissed on the balcony of Buckingham palace. No joke. It also woke my up last week with a text "Osama bin Laden is dead"
Instagram: Turning my photos from simple to fantastic...
Skype: When home and family are too far away.

Hulu Plus: A little TV for some downtime.
SproutPlayer: Stella's favorite feature...
DressChica: Stella's favorite Sprout personality
LinkedIn: When you need to stay connected to the working world

Sportscenter: Keeping up-to-date on my favorite teams and scores
TWC: Hello I'm a TWC addict. Can't live without this one
iBooks: For all my menu-adobe-word document reading.
Y! Messenger: Keeping up with some mobile friends

NY Times Scoop: I'm far from home but it's aways on my mind. It's an insider's guide to the big NYC.
Starbucks Mobile: Ummm, lets me track my Starbucks Red Card balance and lets me checkout at Target with the phone alone...
Pandora: Music on the go.
ShopList: Helps with making sure our weekly grocery trips are complete

OpenTable: My go-to for making reservations to all the best Nashville and beyond
IMDb: Remember that 80's movie where Rob Lowe played Patrick Swayze's brother....You mean The Outsider....exactly...thank you IMDb
LivingSocial: This girl loves a great deal
Groupon: Hence why I have two saving apps

Places: Lets me find a gas station when I'm traveling and riding on empty for the last 15 miles...Not that it ever happens
Currency: When that really cute sweater in Hong Kong is worth more than 4 new tires for my car. Thank you app!
Zillow: I'm house hunting remember. Most useful tool EVER.
Zappos: When I see a pair of shoes I have to have.

Publix: Checking out this week's ad right from my phone.
TagReader: This links me to some of my favorite magazines extras. Who doesn't like some extra magazine fun.
WSMV: My favorite Nashville news channel.
Messenger: Catching up on all my email.

Chipotle: The hubby's your order from this app and pick it up. Love love love a good burrito. We are also stock owners so we are a bit bias.
Style BluePrint: A Nashville style must.
Direct TV: When I forget to record Oprah and the cast of the Sound of Music is on. was a close one.
Job Search: The little bro just graduated, this app will let you search and forward any new job leads. Hoping my bro remembers me when he makes it big.

Convert Units: When a liter and a quart need to merge.
Amazon: Sometimes you just need to buy something on the go.
OverDrive: My library's lending book app. Thank you Nashville Public Library
GlowUnblock: When the world is too much and all you need is a little mind game. Literally.

Walgreens: You can scan your prescription bottle and viola a refill in placed. A must have during allergy season.
CNN: Because I can't be too far away from my Silver Fox (aka Anderson Cooper)
UsBank: What's that??? My money is only making $.01 a qtr in interest. Lets check back tomorrow.
Ebay: Well for right now. Trying to clear the house of all the extras. Literally you can sell something from this app.

Good: Work emails 2 hours after I leave work...
Feedler: Google Reader...YAY!!!
Pinterest: My newest obsession. (released today) You must join.

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