Thursday, June 30

Stella's Circus

Now that Stella is 18 months I'm going to post about her 1st Birthday. At this point I figure it's either post about it or move on but I figured looking back through the day will remind me of what I need to start doing for her 2nd birthday....only 6 months away.

Early on I decided her party theme was going to be vintage circus. Here are some inspirational images I put together when I started planning.

Later in the process I decided to stick with three main colors, pink, red and white. I searched the world of the internet and couldn't find a fitting invite. Then I stumbled upon this drool worthy wedding and this incredible birthday all came together.

Invitations from that wedding were done by the very sweet Sweet Life Designs so I asked to see if she could kindly revise the wedding invite for a Stella's big day. Below is what her invite looked like. Couldn't have loved it more.

available here

Now on to the big day.

I decided to put up a garland with pictures of Stella from her first year...month to month. Here is the whole garland.

Some pictures in detail.

I bought some white and pink candy and used our existing apothecary jars to decorate her cake table. We also had some peanut, popcorn and pink cotton candy in bags.

Her birthday cake was covered with pink rock candy and a glitterly red "1".

We served hot dogs, popcorn, pretzels and had a nacho bar.

Remember my pinata??? Well when I went to order it, the etsy shop was closed. I know!!!! I lusted at it for weeks. Well my parents said they would try to replicate it. Can you see it below??? They did an AMAZING job.

We also set up a photo booth.

Which resulted in pics like this:

I was able to send pictures of all our guest with Stella in their respective Thank You cards. I'm so glad we did it as it captured all who came to celebrate and everyone's personalities.

We set up several games to keep people busy along the way.

My Stella on her 1st Birthday:


sandstorm said...

Ah she looks so cute bless her. I remember my twins 1st birthday. We had such a great day. Times like that are priceless. I'm new to blogging so if you could come and check my blog and website out that would be great.

Many Thanks

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Melissa said...

Ahh cute pictures!