Thursday, December 29

Hello London!

We arrived in London on Monday morning and in order to beat jetlag we went straight to the sights.

First up was Big Ben and Parliament 

It was a dreary day but thankfully not very cold.

Just across the river the London Eye

We preceeded to walk over to Westminster Abbey which isn't too far from Ben.

Aren't their cabs lovely?

So Westminster is not only the spot where Will and Kate married, but this church is where coronations of Kings and Queens of England take place. One can even see the chair that has been used in every coronation since 1308.  


As with many older churches photography is not allowed.  Booo.

It was a remarkable church, truly worth the visit.

A pit stop at their gift shop.

I love that London still maintains some of its below.
Maybe when Stella makes a trip she can too see these beautiful phone booths.

Side note: 
I was so glad I bought these Sperry duck boots.  They were perfect for the trip.

Warm, cute and rainproof!

I have since pledged my love to Sperry.  Their rain boots are soooo comfortable, they have cushion to them so they aren't just rain boots.  I may have picked up another pair since.

Back to the trip:
So have you heard about the famous English guardsman; supposedly they don't turn away even if you are close to them.  They won't pose with you....the Queen wouldn't stand for it.

Anywho, I came upon one and....

Didn't even nudge.  And he was quite scary.  I moved along.

Then came Downing Street.  10 Downing to be exact.  Home of the Prime Minister.

Sadly us commoners can't get past the huge gate to get a closer look. 

It did appear the Prime Minister had a lovely tree put up for the holidays.  So thoughtful.

After some long trekking we pit stopped at a pub.  When in England.

We then decided to head back to our hood (hotel neighborhood).

Now our hood was not quite like any other.

Harrods was right around the corner.


As in the wonderlust mecca of shopping. 

It's like Macy's Herald Square mixed with a Bloomies and it has a Tiffanys!

Side note:

One of my favorite things about New York City at Christmas time are the window displays at all the stores on 5th Avenue.

Harrods didn't disappoint.

There were wonderful with all their sparkly glory.

The store was bustling with tons of shoppers so it was hard to stay focus but it was wonderful to visit.

We walked almost every floor.  

They have TONS of great stuff...some which may have been purchased.

Gotta help the global economy.

After our shopping trip we went back to our cozy hotel, Cadogan.

We found it via Jetsetter and it didn't disappoint.

We ventured out for dinner and found many streets lite up for Christmas.

The hubby at dinner, can you see the jet lag.  

We dined at Pantechnicon
It was lovely.

On the way home we found this.  

I drooled.

Our first day was a fine day.

A fine day indeed.

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