Monday, January 2

On the way we go

We started the day with one more visit to Harrods

Which btw features above, a shrine to Lady Di & Dodi

Read about it here.

I thought it would be creepy and well it was.

This section of Harrods is quite decorative.

After some last minute gifts off we went to the Palace

Buckingham Palace.

We went to catch the changing of the guards.

It was amazing to see so many people especially on a rainy cloudy day.

To be honest the changing wasn't that interesting.  Lots of ceremonial stuff that really can't be seen from the greatest of any angle.

But it was great to be there and to see the spot of Will and Kate's balcony kiss

The area around the Palace is really nice, I'm sure in the spring it is beautiful. 

After the changing of the guards we went off to the Churchill War Rooms.

The hubby is a history buff and nothing beats some WW2 museum.

The war rooms lies beneath the city and housed people during that time.

More importantly it housed Churchill and his cabinet.

It's amazing to see how people lived.

One of the meeting rooms, the maps to either side are original and marked the areas under control by Hitler's army.

A hallway showing every one's sleeping and living areas.

After our tour we were off to Paris via the Eurostar.

We took a late train so once we got to our hotel we quickly went on to find a dinner spot.

We found an amazing place near the hotel.

We were quickly given wine.  

The hubby a happy camper

The French have the most amazing food

A Lentil salad

A Block of Ham

Dinner was so good.  

After dinner we took a stroll.  

We were after all in Paris!


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