Saturday, March 17

Paris Day Duex

We started our second day with a trip out to Versailles

It was amazing even on the dreariest of days

The palace is so large and the grounds even larger

All incredible

As I've traveled Europe I've been reminded of the cobblestone streets.  
I love them.
My feet not so much.

I've started to take picture and think one day I'll do something with pictures of all the cobblestones.

Maybe Pinterest can help.

The famous wall of mirrors.


Our next stop was the Eiffel Tower

My absolute favorite

It's such a glorious structure

The view from the top.  Did I ever mention I'm not a fan of heights.

Totally worth it.

After our visit we pit stopped at La Maison Angelina close to the Louve.

It's a well known chocolate cafe.

It was to.die.for.

Their chocolate was beyond this world.  

Seriously and I'm not one to go gaga over hot chocolate.

Calories out the window.

Best ever.

After our refuel we went on to the Louve.

Friday nights they stay open late so we decided to take advantage.

I prepared myself for it being a huge museum.  

It's beyond.

It would literally take days to walk through it all.
Sadly we didn't have that much time so we hit up the most popular.

Remember these from art and history books?



And her most famous resident.

The crowds were insane.

All worth it.


Yes I did contemplate selling everything and moving to Paris.

Still do.


marlovelyxx said...

Wow this is amazing! Paris is my dream place to travel to. I envy you but in a good way lol because I'm literally obsessed with the Eiffel Tower (no clue why)and you make it seem like it's so different and much more amazing seeing it in person.

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