Saturday, February 2



Well 2013 is now a month in but I guess now is better than never.
2012 was such a learning year and I've looked forward to 2013 to start new adventures and grow.
I felt almost tested by 2012 in a personal way and feel as 2013 will be the year I make the changes that need to happen. 

Prior to the end of the year I jotted down a couple of things I wanted to achieve or make time for in my life.  I think many of these things will become good {needed} changes in my life.  Also I included some trips, because we all know it's good to just get away some times.

So here they are in no particular order:

Read the Bible

Not earth shattering to many but I find I can start the day in a better way by reading scripture.  So many times I feel overwhelmed because I went to bed and the laundry wasn't done {O.C.D. Momma here} or see a purse on Pinterest that I love but is way too much and feel bad.   Reading every morning puts things into prospective.  Life is about so much more.  The laundry still has to be done, no doubt, but I find it gives me hope. 

I am going about it via She Reads Truth.  So easy and  a great way to read and connect with other women on thoughts and struggles we as women have.

Plant a Garden

It takes a village to raise a child said Hillary Clinton.  It may take that and more to help me on this project, which I have been saying I would do every year now for 5 years.  Eek.

This year is THE year.  I've done some prep work, aka online research, and I've made a plan. 

I'll start slow, won't plant too much.  My focus is on what we eat the most and can take advantage of.  Herbs, tomatoes and some peppers.

Make the Bed Every Day

I'm ashamed to admit it but I don't make our bed every day.  On the list of priorities of the day it's #678.  One of the things I love most about traveling is coming back to the hotel at night and finding a crisp bed to crawl into.  So this is.  Every day.  Kudos to those who already do this.

Memphis in May
Here are the big plans.   
Memphis in May has always been on my bucket list of things to do.  I'm hoping to make it happen this year.  Already the calendar is filling up and the possibility is dwindling but one must remain hopeful.  Who would give up the chance at endless BBQ & Music.

Road Trip
Another local adventure, Rock City.  Always say we need to go, but it never sticks on a calendar.  Waiting for the weather to warm up and looking for some activities in neighboring Chattanooga to make a weekend trip.

Read More
I always have this on my goals for the new year but this time I'm going to allot books to months so I try to stay on track.  Starting with one book a month.  How hard can that be?  {Ps January proved me wrong}

Go to Church Weekly
Last year this was a main goal, to return to church, and I can say it happened.  Now I need to add go to church every Sunday.  It gives me prospective, sometimes wanting to kill my toddler for climbing the pews kinda perspective, that I can't get anywhere else.  Growing up the church was such a large part of our lives, I went to Catholic school and my grandparents were very faithful to the Church.  I want to make sure to continue that for my own child but also for myself.  I find being reminded every Sunday of God's work and teachings helps me.  

Go Home
Home is where the heart is and 2012 couldn't have taught me a better lesson.  I'm hoping to make at least 1 or 2 trips home.   Going home grounds me.  My family and friends there bring me such comfort.  And I'm not going to lie a trip to Tiffany's never hurts my spirits.  

Go to the Symphony
Nashville has a great orchestra and last year we did not make one show.  It's such an incredible experience to go.  Have to make a date and stick to it.

Bake once a Month
Time to use that Kitchen Aid.  This is more geared to making some time to teach Stella about cooking.  She is a eager helper in the kitchen so I figure once a month baking a little something together will be fun.   

Craft once Month
Craft-a-day is intense, once a month is more of my liking.  We'll see how well this works.  Have a ton of Pinterest images clipped.  Now time to actually make them happen.

The house in particular.  The junk drawers in every room I avoid.  I'm setting myself up for a goal of 2 drawers a month as a minimum to organize.  May have to get this book to check out how to do it easier. But also have some other areas of the house that need to be  worked on.  I just realized the word "tidy" kinda grosses me out.  

Well that's it.  I have some other minor goals I'd like to do throughout the year but these are goals I want to make sure to focus on.  Now off to make the beds...Eek...


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